BEng Civil Engineering with Transport

Our Civil Engineering with Transport programme begins with a firm grounding across the breadth of Civil Engineering. As the programme progresses, there is an even deeper focus on areas of Transport Engineering as well as Transport Planning and Modelling.

You will study all the major subjects that you need to master as a civil engineer, such as structures, fluids, geotechnics, materials, communications, environmental impact, surveying and mathematics. At the same time, you will link these subject areas to solve challenging civil engineering problems, in particular, focusing on the design of transport infrastructure and planning for sustainability and resilience of the system.

Rewarding careers
When you graduate, you are likely to find employment in the core contracting and consulting arms of the Civil Engineering industry or the Transport industry. However, the technical, communication and management skills you will develop during your degree are also in particular demand, for example in international finance, investment banking and large project management.

Two degrees in four years
Upon successful completion of your programme of study, you will be awarded a BEng Civil Engineering with Transport from the University of Leeds and the SWJTU Bachelor of Engineering in Civil and Structural Engineering.

Civil Engineering student with transport software

Civil Engineering student

Course content
These are the typical modules studied and may change from time to time.

Year one is a common year for all students, dedicated to developing your English language, physics and mathematics skills to allow you to succeed on your chosen programme of study for the following three years.

Year 1
Compulsory modules
English study skills for engineering
• Physics 1: Materials
• Physics 2: Electricity
• Mathematics 1
• Mathematics 2
• Military skills training
• Military theory
• Moral and legal foundation
• Introduction to Mao Zedong thought and theories of socialism with Chinese characteristics 1
• Physical Education 1
• Introduction to Mao Zedong thought and theories of socialism with Chinese characteristics 2
• The basic principles of Marxism.

Year 2
Compulsory modules
• Architecture and environment
• Engineering surveying and construction technology
• Structural design and analysis
• Properties materials: water, soil, steel and timber
• Engineering mathematics and modelling
• Integrated design project (including design studio)
• Engineering communication skills
• Chinese modern and contemporary history
• Physical education 2.

Year 3
Compulsory modules
• Civil engineering materials
• Structural analysis
• Structural design
• Water engineering and geotechnics
• Engineering mathematics and modelling
• Integrated design project
• Highway engineering
• Transport planning and modelling
• Engineering communication skills 2.

Year 4
Compulsory modules
• Structural analysis
• Structural design
• Geotechnics
• Integrated design project
• Individual research project
• Multi-modal interchange planning and design
• Transport modelling
• Railway engineering.